11.20.2006 Alan Haungs Termination Day, for explaining to Supervisor Lynn Kaczmarek the Legal Process involving a Safety Director


  • Later this same day after I had sent this email (seen below) in reply to Dr. Lynn Kaczmarek’s email question (seen below) I, in my office I was asked again the same question again, but directly in person by Supervisor Lynn Kaczmarek, whether I would perform new employee orientations and long-established-employee trainings. I repeated to her what I said in the email regarding these matters that I sent to her that morning. After hearing my answer to her question, then I was gleefully told by Supervisor Lynn Kaczmarek that I was to go to Dr. Nabi’s office. Dr. Lynn Kaczmarek actually grinned  and her eyes sparkled when she told me to report to Dr. Nabi’s office.
  • In Dr. Nabi’s office Dr. Nabi asked me if it was true that I referred to Supervisor Kaczmarek as a stupid b, to another employee who had come into my office the previous week, requiring me to perform a new employee orientation.
  • I admitted that this was true.
  • Dr. Nabi was surprised that I readily admitted this as he had already aligned a person who would confirm what I said, probably assuming I would deny it.
  • I hoped and expected Dr. Nabi would ask me why I referred to Dr. Kaczmarek that way, but he didn’t, especially as it was not my typical way of expressing myself.
  • Dr. Nabi then fired me.
  • I then mentioned to Dr. Nabi that I had recently also heard him use the same language in the department, which fact did not change his decision to fire me.
  • In the email below please note that I am to train my Supervisors.
  • The reason that I was being told to train my Supervisors Lynn Kaczmarek and Erol Bars was because they did not know what I did or how I did it.
  • This is because when I got hired I replaced Erol Bars existing-retiring Supervisor who performed many tasks that Erol Bars knew nothing about, nor did anyone else in the department know.
  • I inherited this retiring Supervisor’s office with everything in it, the files the library and all the responsibilies minus supervising Erol Bars..
  • Only as far as the cyclotron operation and maintenance itself, Erol then functioned as a Supervisor to me, but almost all of my time was spent rather performing the tasks that Erol’s previous Supervisor performed.
  • I was very busy and autonomous as the needs of the department were many, evolving and multiplying.
  • But because I was inexperienced in operating and maintaining the cyclotron, Erol was made my supervisor as he would assign who operates and fixes the cyclotron.
  • Erol never was interested in or involved himself in the items I would typically address daily, nor did the department encourage him to be involved with these matters because I did my job very well.
  • Lynn was later made my additional supervisor after it became apparent that Erol was not able to deter me from pursuing safety compliance. She was appointed to be an extra pair of brakes to wear me out.
  • Lynn even understood less than Erol as to what I did. Erol at least had some experience working alongside his previous Supervisor on some tasks and equipment which I now solely cared for.
  • Prior to this day of my termination, I had taken a number of safety courses from the Safety Director at UB and was trying to nicely encourage others at CRS to do so too, so that I could provide them with orientation or training.
  • I discovered that getting CRS persons to volunteer to sign-up for necessary safety training was not working.
  • Finally on this day, my last day, I put my foot completely down and refused to train another person, exposing them to electrical, chemical and nuclear hazards without them first having the variety of necessary safety trainings which were not being provided through CRS.
  • I did not refuse to train anyone on the systems I maintain. I simply was not going to do it prior to their receiving the legally necessary safety trainings.
  • This putting my foot completely down was the determining factor as to whether I was to be told to speak with Dr. Nabi this one last time to be terminated, or whether I was still employed at CRS.
  • I prefer being fired rather than placing persons in harm’s way.
  • The Safety trainings provided to departments at UB were completely free to the departments. Compliance would of cost them nothing and would of lowered CRS’ liabilities.
  • It was totally foolish for CRS to fight against the law, UB policy and abuse an employee who simply wanted to follow the law and university policy.
  • The pneumatic transport system for the carrying of radio-drugs underground from the cyclotron facility to the VA hospital was never operational after I was let go because nobody knew how to fix it. I was its sole maintainer and CRS found no-one who could replace me to fix that system.
  •  Without this pneumatic transport being operational, further O15 research at the VA hospital would remain impossible or improbable due to the 2.5 minute half-life of O15.
  • Shortly before my termination day someone in CRS had removed the Right to Know Documents off of the walls that are required by law, that I had hung there.
  • In a very non-public way the cyclotron was decommissioned and the entire cyclotron department was let go, in less than 10 years after this incident.
  • The remainder of CRS now resides off campus.




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