10.11.2006 Written letter to Joseph Raab Director of Environmental Health and Services at the University at Buffalo, from Alan Haungs re: Alan Haungs asking for Lock Out Tag Out Policy enforcement assistance for our Department



  • This letter was written prior to my receiving any discipline.
  • Despite being officially relieved by Dr Nabi’s letter (6 months earlier), from cyclotron repair and maintenance until a LOTO policy is put in place, this letter below demonstrates that Supervisor Erol Bars, Supervisor Dr. Lynn Kaczmarek, Vise Director Dr. Ackerhalt and Director Dr. Nabi, still are pressuring me to do such repairs, as they gave permission to other co-workers to ask me for cyclotron repair and maintenance assistance, while a LOTO policy was still not in place.
  • The conclusion of my conversations with Joseph Raab can be summed up with his statement from him, “I can not force any department to comply with LOTO”.
  • Shortly after sending this letter (below), to Director Dr. Hani Nabi and Director Joseph Raab, later that same month, Supervisor Dr. Lynn Kaczmarek lied accusing me of laughing at her and consequently I was given a day off without pay.
  • In the 8 years of having worked there this was the first time I was accused by a Supervisor of disrepect and disciplined.
  • The following month (November) I was fired after admitting (when asked by Dr. Nabi), that I indeed had referred to Supervisor Dr. Lynn Kaczmarek as a stupid b*, during a recent private conversation in my office with a coworker. This conversation was somehow reported to Dr. Nabi.
  • I naively hoped Dr. Nabi would ask me why I referred to Supervisor Lynn Kaczmarek in such a way, as it was out of character for me to talk this way.
  • Dr. Nabi did not inquire why I said what I said, but rather immediately fired me.
  • My breaking point of exasperation, that lead me to use that phrase, was due to Supervisor Dr. Lynn Kaczmarek’s sending a new employee to my office for me to perform a New Employee Orientation (as this was one of my many typical functions) just shortly after her being in my office threatening me with termination if I am slow with finishing the audit she assigned to me. This event prompted me to exclaim that Lynn is a stupid b*.
  • The week earlier while suspecting that somehow they will find a way to fire me (as Supervisor Lynn Kaczmarek had already hinted to me) I took the action to remove all of my personal items. I did this because the day the firing occurs will be emotional and an easy day to leave something behind by forgetting something.
  • Note that in this letter I alluded to my Supervisors and Manager telling me simultaneously to do different things, as they would each individually speak to me without speaking to each other, hence placing me in a situation where at any time any action I take could cause one of them to accuse me of being insubordinate, which is exactly what happened in Supervisor Lynn Kaczmarek’s “Final Warning Letter” to me.


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